Flush mount rod holders.

Re: Flush mount rod holders.

Unread postby Andy82hoyt » Tue Aug 07, 2018 1:34 am

mac wrote:not sure what it looks like underneath on your boat, but I put a piece of 2" hose on the inside of my flush mount rod holders on a 2016 Ocean Pro- so when salt water goes down the rod holder - it drains down into the bilge and not onto wiring, etc... under there. See pic if interested.
i was thinking about the same thing to keep the water off the electronics. Well I was gonna use a tube. I like the hose idea better. I’m headed west marine on the morning anyways....
the two PVC tubes one my starboard are stuffed full. I looked at them today from in the cabin. I’m glad I didn’t cut through the gunnel. I should would Have liked to had holder there this past weekend.

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