Restoring aluminum to factory new look

Let's see what you're working on.
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Re: Restoring aluminum to factory new look

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Yep....thats the one I was thinking of....Thanks Jeff👍
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Re: Restoring aluminum to factory new look

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Littlesaltwash wrote: Thu Feb 11, 2021 7:58 am I did the SH cleaner and sealer on my new to me boat a year ago and am really happy with the results. I used a bit different process to remove the oxidation and get the “brushed” look on the aluminum. You can’t replicate a mill finish.( if you want that look ,get the factory to sharkhide. On the SH site you can get 3 different grades of scotch bright pad. I used the white or fine with great results. My method was to use a drywall sanding pole and the attachment for holding the sandpaper. I padded the holder a little bit more with an old yoga mat and then used the white pad on the sanding pad. (Padded to follow contour and a gentler composition against the hull. Friction and pressure would keep the white scotch pad in place. Then, (here’s where I deviated from Sharkhides directions) I used the acid cleaner on the white pad and scrubbed/polished the boat with the cleaner instead of using straight water with the scotch pads. It really cleaned up nicely without splotches and was a consistent finish. I would do the same process again in a heartbeat. The polishing with the cleaner, gradually diluted cleaner, was the ticket.789D5119-792F-40DA-B138-363DF01FD386.jpeg25A0EBA7-E425-4D1C-8505-1D6D3750CC92.jpeg
I don't know how you get it to come out so "silver" looking. I tried this in on the transom since I'm not there yet, and it looks way too whitish/dull. Nothing like the original milled color. I even tried different dilution. Guess I'm back to buffing :(

The buffing part is easy. It's the damn clean up of all the excess wax/oxidation.
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Re: Restoring aluminum to factory new look

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There is a product that I have used for the past serveral years that I recommend, Aluminum Magic, from Captain PHAB. The stuff truly is magic. My boat sits in the water so it gets pretty bad. After my power wash clean in the spring, you wet the hull, spray this stuff on, wait a few minutes while if foams up, then a gentle scrub with a scotch pad and rinse. Looks like new.
Perhaps not like a cut polish and buff because the aluminum does not shine but it sure is clean and uniform. You can do the entire boat in less than an hour.
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