New Sportsman 180 Setup Questions

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New Sportsman 180 Setup Questions

Unread post by dustinova »

I put a deposit down on a 180 Sportsman this weekend, and have a few questions regarding how it's currently set up.
1. The trailer that it comes with is an EZ Loader model 90 BT17-20 2350, which lists a maximum boat weight of 2,350 lbs. Looking at some performance bulletins, the weights as tested average right around 2,100 lbs, but I doubt that includes anything other than gas, 1 person, and some safety equipment. Should I be asking about getting a more stout trailer? The next weight rating in that trailer size according to EZ Loader is 3,100 lbs (90 BT17-20 3100).
2. The boat has a Honda 90 on it already, which I think will be perfect for me. When asking about a kicker though, the salesman said the one to get is the Honda 9.9. I told him that I need to troll pretty slow for some of the fishing I do (Kokanee), and he said worse case we could swap the prop if it trolls too fast. Is there a reason why I shouldn't be looking at the 8 instead of the 9.9?
3. The boat came with the 27" transom and delta pad, like it would be set up for a jet. I asked the salesman if there could be an issue with that with running a 25" prop motor, but he said there was no issue. Do any of you have experience with the 27" transom with a prop motor?

Thanks in advance. Here's a few pictures of the boat.
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Re: New Sportsman 180 Setup Questions

Unread post by HaweaterHal »

Just make sure the cavitation plate ( just above the prop) is just in the water at speed.
Love the checked plate on the bow.
New boats are exciting.
Have fun.
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Re: New Sportsman 180 Setup Questions

Unread post by Nate »


I would definitely consider a trailer that isn’t maxed out before you add anything. I think they put them on the smallest trailer possible to reduce sticker shock.

Don’t know much about Honda, but I’d think an 8 would be fine. They probably have a bunch of 9.9’s. Wonder what the price difference is? Wouldn’t think speed would be that much different.

Not a lot of Hewes set up with outboard jets.

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Re: New Sportsman 180 Setup Questions

Unread post by SeaDawg »

When I ordered the new 22OP back in 2016, I upgraded to the next higher level EZL trailer and I'm fairly certain that the upgrade was $850 - $900. Worth it in my opinion. But not sure is a dealer with a lot model already on-site has that option...

As for the kicker, to be perfectly honest and probably not a popular recommendation..... I would go with a Suzuki 9.9 in the while color.... I know that folks like to have their motor brands match, but the Suzi is EFI and that eliminates issues....specifically fuel issues... I really wish that Honda and Yami would join the 21st century and start making EFI kickers. Regarding size.....if going Honda, I would still go with the 9.9 as I believe it is higher thrust and even more importantly has a higher charging output. Regarding your desired trolling speed, I highly recommend a remote throttle controller. I use a Trollmaster 3 Pro Plus...
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Re: New Sportsman 180 Setup Questions

Unread post by dustinova »

Thank you all for the feedback so far. I'll see what they can do about up-sizing the trailer. The Trollmaster is on my list for them to add at the dealer, along with a tie bar to the main. Thanks!
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Re: New Sportsman 180 Setup Questions

Unread post by SawDust »

I have a 9.9 high-thrust Yami kicker on our SR and it trolled way too fast. I've had the prop diameter and pitch reduced (to 5) and it still trolls too fast. One more trip to the prop shop for another tweak should do it.

I concur on upgrading the trailer.

Consider switching to electric over hydraulic brakes and getting rid of the surge brakes. I consider it the best boat money I ever spent.

And welcome! Happy new boat! You've come to the right place! :D
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Re: New Sportsman 180 Setup Questions

Unread post by D'oh »

1200lb Boat
500lb Motor and rigging
300lb gas and gear
is 2000lbs 350 left over.

How far are you towing it? Towing it Loaded with gear or bare boat?

You don't need brakes with a Sportsman, With a decent tow vehicle.

I would suggest Bunk Guides. Loading, much easier.

Trolling Motor, The smallest 2 Cylinder available. A single cylinder vibrates too much.

My motor is lifted 1/1.5"s without a Delta Pad, you shouldn't have any issues.
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Re: New Sportsman 180 Setup Questions

Unread post by SilverFox »

Congrats on the new boat and welcome aboard. 8-)

An 8hp will be fine, but if price and weight difference are negligible, I'd get the 9.9 because it gives you more flexibility. Decreasing prop pitch and/or diameter will reduce thrust to that of an 8hp. I've had an 8hp on our 20' ProV for 12yrs and works well, and speaking of that, I've had a Trollmaster on it since new.

I agree with D'oh on the trailer unless you're going to be hauling down some really rough roads. Be sure to read the trailer Owner's manual for annual service requirements, many don't.
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Re: New Sportsman 180 Setup Questions

Unread post by redfish40 »

I also fish for Kokes and Salmon on my 22' Sea Runner. Having owned both 8hp and 9.9hp I will stay with the 8hp every time Power tilt and electric start would be a great setup. I would also suggest you look at the Carnai trailer. Might as well add Garmin Reactor 40 kicker autopilot. Its hard to beat hands free fishing. Just my .02.
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Re: New Sportsman 180 Setup Questions

Unread post by Johns »

I have the 180 Sportsman and am working with the dealer to upgrade to a tandem axel.

As should be about a $2500.00 difference but lots of peace of mind when trailering on rough roads.
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