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Re: Fishencallen

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SeaDawg wrote:
Tue Mar 24, 2020 1:16 pm
I understand that responsible game management may be necessary. Culling of the current sea lion population is good example of something that maybe needs to be considered. I wish they could figure out a way to just dart the male sea lions and make them sterile.

The part of this discussion that I personally have difficulty in understanding is the part about killing these animals being "FUN".
Because to some of us it is fun. The fun is not the actual killing, the fun is going to the store buying the equipment, going to the range to sharpen your skills for the hunt, the getting together with good friends, testing your skills against mother nature. Other than prairie dogs or rock chucks most animals are harder to hunt than you think.

Like someone else asked, "why do you fish"? Because its fun right?
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Re: Fishencallen

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I do enjoy fishing. I eat what fish I keep and I do my very best to release any fish that need to be released. What I do not do is plan a trip for the specific intent and sole purpose of killing them and then leaving them to rot..

I'm obviously not going to change your way of thinking and you're definitely not going to change mine..... so we might as well just agree to disagree and move on. That's my plan!
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