The Sportsman kept me safe

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Re: The Sportsman kept me safe

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The front bow drain holes used to be a lot smaller back in 1996 when I bought my SeaRunner. Going off memory here, but they were about 3/4" holes when I took delivery. I promptly enlarged them to 2" and put new scuppers of the correct size on the outside. Funny thing is I have never had a wave come over the bow in all the years I've used the boat. The worst area to traverse was up in Kodiak in the straights between Whale Island and Kodiak island when the tide would run opposite the wind. That tide would run about 6 mph and with a good wind opposite it would stand up the waves so you had a gauntlet of 6 to 8 foot waves, closely spaced to navigate. We found the best way was to trim up and get the bow high then control your speed with the throttle and you could power through the area pretty easily.

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Re: The Sportsman kept me safe

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Not positive but I believe most Hewescraft have fish box or anchor locker in bow. If your in conditions getting water in open bow its getting in anchor locker/fish box. If theres rope or worse yet a plug it does not drain fast if at all. It adds a lot of weight that you don't see or realize then add more water weight in open bow and bad things are soon to follow.

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Re: The Sportsman kept me safe

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It's gasketed, though. Not much is getting in there, and it does have a big drain hole/hose.

From an oceangoing perspective, if that small an amount of water is a problem, you're really in the wrong boat. It's assumed an ocean boat will take on water. They are not delicate flowers, these Hewes of which we speak. :)
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Re: The Sportsman kept me safe

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The further offshore you get the smaller the boat will seem. Pick your spots and don't exceed your skill or the boats ability to get you home safe. Error on the safe side always.

With all that said you will eventually find yourself in a pucker situation. It is a sobering experience.

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