3G Radar and Heading Sensor

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3G Radar and Heading Sensor

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I am getting ready to install my Lowrance 3G onto my new 210 hardtop. I'm getting conflicting stories as to minimum distance the radar dome should be from the Point 1 heading sensor. My thought is to go with a 5" Seaview pedestal for the radar, and then use a rail mount for the Point 1. Any feedback on how 210 hardtop owners have rigged theirs would be of assistance. Thanks.

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Re: 3G Radar and Heading Sensor

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My understanding is a minimum of 20 inches from Point 1 to radar unit, and 6 ft. from a VHS antenna.

I would go around and check for magnetic fields using a compass, I see that there is also
magnetic field app's that you can download that will measure microtesla using your smart phone.

If still in doubt, hook everything up loosly and check the Point 1 position you want with everything running, motor, radio's ect to ensure you don't have interference in the spot you want to mount it.

There are also schools of thought that you should mount the Point 1 as close as possible to your transducer to get the most accurate position on waypoints ect. Considering that even with all this great technology that most commercial GPS receivers are only accurate to 10ft. To prove my point pull up your map screen and magnify the screen fully and let it set for 10 min with trails on.... then go see how far your boat icon moved around parked in the yard.
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Re: 3G Radar and Heading Sensor

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I had the same set up on my Hewescraft Ocean Pro HT and I fitted the Point 1 myself at the back of the bulkhead away from any interference. I mounted it flat on to the roof and it worked awesome.

Make sure you follow the calibration instructions when you go out for a spin. Once it's dialed in it makes a huge difference with radar overlay on to your GPS screen and also accuracy with location and speed.
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