Honda 130 Impeller question?

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Re: Honda 130 Impeller question?

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Outboards turn Clockwise, (looking at the motor from Onboard.)

So your Top Pic is the correct way for the Vanes (again from above, Onboard view).

Wood Cuff Keys (like my Yamaha had) can slip, but as long as you hold them with a finger when sliding the impeller in place, they don't slip.
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Re: Honda 130 Impeller question?

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So, I got around to taking the impeller off again to investigate my question thoroughly. It’s a fine line sometimes working on my boat and getting projects around the house done!
The keyway must go on the shaft first...a dab of grease to hold it in place..drop the impeller on..put the top of the case back on while turning the shaft clockwise to position impeller vanes, then bolt er down. And yes it is possible for the keyway to slide down the shaft and contact the impeller wear plate, both the top and bottom of the keyway cutout on the shaft are beveled. If care is taken placing the impeller, slippage is not likely.
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